3 reasons

Multinationals prefer to establish their offices at Schiphol

More and more companies are setting up operations in the Schiphol Central Business District (CBD) directly across from the airport terminal. It is a top location with international allure and a 24/7 dynamic. In recent years, companies that have chosen Schiphol include Danone, Microsoft, Citibank, Reckit Benciser, Qlik, Cargill, Smurfit Kappa, Wereldhave and SBM Offshore. In 2016, Samsung will establish its headquarters at Schiphol. Why? Three reasons.

1. Dynamic atmosphere

There is more and more to experience at Schiphol CBD. You will find restaurants, cafés, 24/7 childcare, a pop-up location for small entrepreneurs, business centres, Starbucks and even a small library. This is how Schiphol meets employers’ needs when it comes to not only attracting but also retaining talented employees.

Companies choose the total package, according to Bart van Eerd, agency director for commercial property consulting firm CBRE. ‘With an array of office buildings such as the World Trade Center Schiphol Airport, The Outlook and The Base, and excellent accessibility by car, train and plane, Schiphol’s “hardware” was always good. But companies want more than an office building. They want atmosphere, dynamic, something to experience, something to do. In addition to a comfortable office, employees want to be able to go to the dry cleaners or the gym and meet other interesting occupants during their lunch break,’ says Van Eerd. ‘Childcare next to the workplace can easily save parents an half hour dropping off and picking up each day. Employers should keep that in mind.’

In order to increase the dynamic and experience, Schiphol Real Estate is also investing in new concepts specifically for people working at Schiphol, for example. You can use one of the free Your SchipholBIKE loaner bicycles to pick up a few things at Schiphol Plaza, there will be a fitness center, a hairdresser and in November this year, Schiphol will again organize a special event together with TEDxAmsterdam. These types of facilities and atmosphere are exactly what attract companies. People feel comfortable here.

2. Perfect accessibility

Factors such as a low level of unoccupied space and a high occupancy rate (91%) also help make employees and visitors feel at ease. But one of the most important reasons why companies choose Schiphol CBD is the perfect accessibility via every crucial mode of transport as well as the proximity of the terminal. A third of all passengers travel to or from Schiphol for business purposes. That amounts to over 18 million people.

‘Some employees fly abroad for a meeting twice a week,’ says Thijs Folkeringa, Leasing Manager for Schiphol Real Estate. ‘Every minute counts. Companies that do a lot of business internationally save a great deal of time and money when employees can walk from the office to the terminal. Nowadays, nearly all of Schiphol is accessible to company employees and guests via a single indoor route from the terminal. It connects the WTC, the new Hilton Schiphol and The Base to Avioport, the Outlook building and Schiphol’s main office.’

Companies also value the presence of a train station and sufficient parking. This makes it easy for guests to spend a couple of hours in Amsterdam, for example. Van Eerd: ‘Parking is often scarce in downtown areas; this is organised more effectively here at Schiphol. That might very well be the deciding factor for a potential tenant to choose Schiphol. Moreover, Schiphol has its own exit on the motorway, which means every driver can find it. This recognisability is very important.’

3. International allure

At Schiphol, one of the largest airport’s in Europe, the world is literally at your feet. Against picturesque Dutch skies, planes take off one after the other, and the buzz of a world city is palpable round-the-clock. Guests and employees of international companies feel welcome and at home in this international ambiance. The exciting mixture of every language and culture imaginable at Schiphol CBD adds to this.

‘International enterprises seek each other out,’ says Van Eerd. ‘Large or small, they attract one another. Just like law firms and banks in the Zuidas, for example. It’s a flywheel effect. At Schiphol, there is activity 24 hours a day.’

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