Schiphol & I

A job application like this one is very exciting

Linsey Cornelissen (21) from Utrecht has applied for a ground attendant position

‘Up until now I only know Schiphol from going on holiday, but hopefully I will be working here soon. When I was seven or so, I was allowed to accompany a flight attendant as she made the rounds with the trolley during a flight. That’s when I knew for sure: I am going to be a flight attendant. Now that I’ve completed my Hotel, Conference and Event Management studies, I’m trying to do just that! I just had an interview at Adecco for a ground attendant position with KLM. Helping customers is something I really enjoy. I want to make a good first impression; be the face of a company. Right now I’m temping as a receptionist. The interview went well, I think. But it’s difficult to know for sure; there were eight of us being interviewed at the same time.’