Schiphol reflects our international character

On arrival on the eighth floor of tower C of the WTC at Schiphol, it is immediately evident that Accuracy Nederland is expanding. “We continued to grow even during the crisis. Last year our turnover was 55 million euros,’’ says partner Bas van Helden.


The neighbours as customers
The company started up in 2004 with an office in France. Spain followed two years later, and the office in the Netherlands was established in 2007. This was initially in the Amsterdam South-East district, but Accuracy has been based in the WTC Schiphol Airport for the last five years. “This is not just handy because we travel a lot, it also reflects our international character,” Van Helden explains. “And through contacts with other companies here at Schiphol, we can also generate work. After all, it is easier to make contact with potential customers if you are neighbours.’’

Different from the rest
The Dutch branch of Accuracy is run by managing partner Leontine Koens-Betz and Bas van Helden. Koens has been part of the operation from the start, and Van Helden since 2013. Like several of his colleagues, he comes from one of the major accountancy and consultancy firms. But unlike these firms, Accuracy ‘only’ gives financial advice. “This makes us different.’’ Accuracy’s customer base includes household names such as Philips, DSM, PostNL and Unibail-Rodamco.
To describe the activities in simple terms, Van Helden explains that his company is asked to give financial advice in situations of ‘uniting or fighting’. There are roughly three different situations in which companies call on the services of Accuracy. “When companies are being bought or sold, we draw up financial reports and investigate the financial state of affairs. In the case of disputes, we provide support by means of valuations or damage calculations. We also give advice and support for drawing up prognoses in situations such as financial restructuring.’’

Dutch growth, international interaction
There are currently seventeen people working at Accuracy Nederland. “We aim to have twice as many in a few years’ time,” says Van Helden. “There is a demand for the type of service we offer.” Meanwhile more office space is being prepared and the office is being given a make-over. “It will be more transparent, with more glass. The offices in the different countries all have – or will have – the same ambiance, so that the personnel feel at home everywhere.’’
Accuracy has eleven branches in nine countries, and there are always ‘visiting’ colleagues coming and going. This is a result of the company’s international planning system. “Do we need someone for a project in the Netherlands who speaks Russian? If we do not have someone suitable but the German office does, for instance, then we will bring them to work in this country for a time. And to make sure they feel at home at Accuracy Nederland, there is a strong focus on team spirit.”


Give and take
“We always have lunch together in the office, there are team outings and we hold an international event every year for all the personnel,” says Van Helden. “We ask a lot of our personnel; sometimes they have to work in their spare time. But we give a lot back as well. The Accuracy School, for example – this is a two-week training course for new employees. Good training programmes are just as important as the social aspects of a working environment.’’ And with a laugh: “And good coffee in the office is a must in my view. Bad coffee makes me bad tempered.’’

Great place to work
That Accuracy is serious about a good working climate is demonstrated by the prize won by the French office in March. In France, where Accuracy has its origins, the company heads the ‘Great Place to Work’ list for small and medium-sized enterprises. The ranking is based on feedback from employees on aspects such as trust, pride and enjoyment of the work. Van Helden: “We are still too small in the Netherlands to be included in the ranking, but if the expansion at our Schiphol office continues rapidly, this will change fairly soon!’’