Delay? Hurray!

The new lifestyle hotel is located at the airport

Over the years, the airport hotel has evolved into a more than satisfactory overnight accommodation for every traveller. And even a final destination.

The lobby and lounge in the new Hilton Schiphol

Has your flight been delayed for hours on end? Or is there a night between two of your flights? In the old days, you were left to spend those hours on a hard plastic bench in a bleak dark corner of the airport. Later, airport hotels began filling the void. The early ones were extremely basic, intended solely to tide over the waiting period for passengers with connecting flights. True transit hotels, in other words. Sometimes a bit shabby, but often very interesting price-wise. Most of all, they were close to the terminal and equipped with everything a traveller needs during that brief time: a bed, shower, toilet and small desk.

Added luxury
Those days are far behind us. An airport hotel is no longer a necessary evil; nowadays it’s a necessary good. Nor it is a transit hotel per se; increasingly, it is a deliberately chosen final destination. For global travellers, these hotels have become attractive thanks to the added facilities and luxury. Flying is an adventure, a unique experience, and the new airport hotel reflects this. Exceptional interior design, surprising lobby and lounge areas, speciality restaurants, fitness rooms, extensive spa facilities: nowadays, these are more likely to be the rule, not the exception. For business travellers, state-of-the-art hotels offer inspiring locations for international business. Both to work and to meet.

The paragon
In addition to providing business travellers with the amenities mentioned such as spas and gourmet restaurants, large hotel chains also offer extras such as special lounges that look out onto the runways, fully equipped meeting rooms, and countless places for business appointments or large-scale receptions, to name a few. Here below this article you find some of the best international examples of modern airport hotels. The paragon in the Netherlands will be completed this autumn: the new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The spa and the restaurant in the new Hilton Schiphol

Cosmopolitan accommodation at Schiphol
The new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will open during the latter half of 2015. What can you expect? A lot, including 23 meeting rooms, all of which are fitted out with the necessary facilities and top of the bill lighting and acoustics. In addition, the new hotel features a restaurant and bar, an executive lounge on the 10th floor with an incredible panorama view, a spa and fitness centre. The new Hilton Schiphol also features an innovative food & beverage concept that makes it an inspiring place for hotel guests, meetings and business appointments: the Lobby & Cocktail Bar Axis, featuring quite possibly the largest range of gins and jenevers in the Netherlands; the Asian & Grill restaurant Bowery; and the Vine Room, a private event space for exclusive wine tastings and private dining. The show-stopper in the hotel, which is connected to the airport terminal by a covered walkway, is a gigantic 42 metre-high atrium and adjoining lobby. Architectural features and subtle references to the Netherlands and Amsterdam are combined in this space with functions that have been carefully separated, including check-in, eating and drinking, and socialising.

Dutch culture
Dutch design and references to the Netherlands and Amsterdam appear throughout the entire hotel. One of the interior architects of the brand-new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Constantina Tsoutsikou from Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) in London, described the unique design of the new airport hotel: ‘I was inspired by the rich Dutch culture. The hotel is filled with unexpected details and stories from the cultural heritage of the Netherlands. I am not aware of any other airport hotel with an art collection featuring famous local artists. This is how we created an irresistible desire to discover the Dutch “spirit” throughout the hotel. We specifically invite the hotel guests to be inspired by their surroundings. Personally, I am very fond of the board rooms, which are located just above the hotel lobby. These rooms are specifically geared towards interacting and are positively influenced by the action and energy in the lobby. My wish is for the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to become a “home from home” for every traveller.’

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