24/7 childcare and TEDx

Broaden your world: trendsetting at the new Schiphol CBD

Schiphol is humming with activity and brimming with energy. Innovative companies including Microsoft and Cargill, and more recently DS Smith and Smurfit Kappa have established their headquarters here. Lots of development is under way, too: consider The Base and the new Hilton hotel set to open in the second half of 2015. Or how about notable concepts such as The Cabin pop-up location, and the YourSchipholBIKE loaner bicycles. All of these are new enterprises that form Schiphol’s Central Business District (CBD) in close proximity to the airport terminal.


The world within walking distance
AirportCity: that is the idea. Schiphol’s cosmopolitan character attracts functions that enhance one another. In turn, this attracts yet more new services, thus creating a climate with so many connections and services that businesses are eager to set up operations here. Nowhere else will you find this international business atmosphere, dynamic and ‘world within walking distance’ vibe. 24/7, all year long. And where else would you have such a magnificent view from your office of runways and a 747 outside your door?


Pancakes, Young Professionals and TEDx
Schiphol is the ultimate ‘meet and greet’ location. Not only for seeing friends and family off, but most of all for doing business. It is centrally located, easily accessible and there is always a parking space. You will find offices, hotels, business centers and places where you can have lunch, dinner or simply meet. But there is also a business club, a Young Professionals network, an 18-hole golf course, a 24-hour child day-care, a bar and Albert Heijn’s online supermarket; you can shortly add a gym and a hair salon to the list, too.

Food and networking events are spontaneously organised for the people who work here. A free pancake lunch attracted 300 people, and recently TEDxAmsterdam made its Schiphol début. A great way to create a buzz in the area. Why? Schiphol wants to bring people and companies together. Which is something that is appreciated. It creates coherence; the place takes on meaning. It is new and exciting. People come into contact with each other in a different way; they share knowledge, something new is created!

Corporate with a twist
For many companies, accessibility and functionality are still very much priorities; however, these must be delivered in an inspiring work environment. An environment that dares to surprise, and to set trends. Examples of trend setters? A free and fully-automated bicycle loan system offering designer wooden bicycles to everyone who works at Schiphol. Or the unique pop-up location ‘The Cabin’. A sustainable aluminium and cardboard house that you can set up randomly in the area. The tenant changes every few months. Everything is possible, from a purveyor of sustainably sourced sausages and sauerkraut to workshops to a well-known athletic brand.

Schiphol takes the atmosphere of a bustling city centre and applies it to a corporate environment in its own unique way. Always with a twist. A perfect example is the inspiring effect created by the new Hilton Schiphol hotel designed by Mecanoo Architects; the landmark can be seen all the way from the motorway. Schiphol CBD will truly be setting trends in the years ahead.

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