Schiphol & I

I can see the aircrafts taking off from my office window

Christiaan van Zeijl (31) from Amsterdam is Facilities Manager for Hago Airport Services B.V.

‘I have four workplaces at Schiphol, which means there are days when I walk 10 kilometres from one to the other. There is something magical about this place; every three minutes a plane is either taking off or landing. We can see the runways from our office in the WTC Schiphol Airport. It can be distracting during meetings sometimes. I recognise all of the aircraft; we provide the cleaning services in the hangars, too. You walk right under the planes. How many people get to do that? The high-pressure environment of the airport challenges me to do my best. Delays have a direct impact on us: they result in more rubbish. We must be able to respond immediately and be flexible. I haven’t been working at Schiphol for very long; a little over five months. The airport has special meaning to me personally, too. In 2009, I boarded a plane to South Africa to visit my girlfriend, who was on an internship. We had just started dating It was a wise decision: we’re still together.’