My Schiphol

Lesley Bamberger

Lesley Bamberger is CEO of Kroonenberg Groep, a real estate company with an impressive portfolio of shopping, office and residential buildings. Kroonenberg has developed projects such as The Bank at the Rembrandplein in Amsterdam, shopping mall Gelderlandplein in Amstelveen and the luxury penthouses ‘Huys’ in New York. Bamberger and Kroonenberg Groep have been at Schiphol for the last 10 years: “Schiphol is an ideal location for us. The view of the apron and the aircraft remains endlessly fascinating. The WTC has precisely the dynamics and businesslike atmosphere that suits us. We are very near to Amsterdam, where we have always had many projects, and can be reached easily by our business partners and guests from the Netherlands and abroad.”


Favourite spot:
Schiphol Plaza remains a nice “walk around the block” for the people working here. You have all sorts of shops within arm’s reach – an AKO bookshop, an electronics shop, the Service Point and a supermarket. The atmosphere is always good, because of all the people going on holiday.

Still to discover:
If I ever find the time I would like to join the golf club next to Schiphol: The International. Piet Boon, a valued partner of ours, designed the stylish club house. They serve superb lunches, too. It’s a magnificent place.

Most convenient:
Being able to take the lift from the parking garage straight to my office.

Favourite hotel:
We often opt for the Sheraton next door if our foreign guests stay here only briefly, but we book them a room at De L’Europe, the Lloyd Hotel or the Hilton in Amsterdam just as often. It depends on what they want. The new Hilton at Schiphol looks very promising, too.