Schiphol & I

Meaningful face to face business contact

Eddy Klement (48) from Gronau, Germany, is Director of Acquisitions at ABN AMRO

‘I live just over the border and travel throughout the Netherlands. The only way to establish quality, meaningful contact is through face to face meetings. All other means–telephone, Skype, conference calls–supplement personal contact. I join my colleagues in The Base at Schiphol for meetings approximately once a week. This ABN AMRO team serves expats, so it makes sense that we are based at the airport. We help expats “land” in the Netherlands as smoothly as possible–financially speaking, of course. I experienced the transition of The Base first-hand. Last year, I worked intensively at Schiphol for 13 weeks. It is such an amazing building now! Inspiring, too, to meet employees from so many different companies in the central area.’