Schiphol & I

My chocolate business trips

Carola Zwager (42) from Voorburg is Supply Chain Manager Cocoa & Chocolate for Cargill

‘I occasionally fly on business to France or Germany, where I visit chocolate factories. The smell–it’s wonderful! I look at things such as how we can cut costs in the supply process. Unfortunately, this doesn’t involve any business trips to countries where Cargill buys the cocoa beans, such as in West Africa. I often go for a walk during my break, dreaming about where I would like to fly. That in itself makes Schiphol a more fun place to work than the standard office park. Sometimes I have lunch in The Outlook for a change, the building which also accommodates our office. We’ve got an excellent canteen there. On other days I have lunch somewhere else. Today for instance I had a sandwich with a colleague at The Market in The Base.”